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How One Phone Number Can Virtually Eliminate ALL Your Facility Maintenance Headaches

Many companies put maintenance tasks in the hands of an already overburdened administrative assistant.  Where’s the efficiency? Where’s the reporting? Where’s the follow-up?

At LESCO, we can become your company’s personal administrative assistant. Our HELP DESK provides service 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 weeks a year.  A toll-free number is assigned to your company and is answered by a LESCO Customer Service Associate (CSA) specifically trained & assigned to represent your company. Every single call is answered by a live operator with your name. OUR CSA becomes YOUR virtual staff.

The Help Desk is staffed by trained professionals who will:

  • •  Create Work Orders
    •  Dispatch Technicians/Vendors
    •  Cradle to Grave Follow-Up and Close-out
    •  Maintain Vendor Matrix
    •  Maintain Property Database
    •  Record and track warranties
    •  Record and track vendor Certificates of Insurance
    •  Full CMMS Activity Reporting


Our Help Desk is dedicated to better maintenance decisions and decreased costs for your company.

Help Desk Questions:

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