Mobile Maintenance

Facility Maintenance companies are not all the same.  LESCO provides facility maintenance with a mobile fleet of trained technicians.  Our uniformed professionals are equipped with all the tools and technology needed to accomplish the job.  We have the ability to instantly dispatch your request and keep you updated on its status in real time.

We recognize that one size does not fit all.  Our services models are adaptable to your unique needs, and at their core is the reduction of unproductive resources.  We provide guaranteed response times, quality professional service, and one-stop accountability.

Outsource to LESCO and receive:

  • A customized service program
  • Guaranteed response time
  • Increased cost-efficiency
  • One-stop accountability
  • Short and long-term budget analysis & preparation
  • Internet status reports on your requests
  • Photo documentation
  • and much, much more . . . .


LESCO’s Integrated Maintenance Offerings:  Synergy is the phrase at LESCO.   By integrating our services – Help Desk, Mobile Maintenance, Construction Management – as well as our tracking systems, we eliminate redundant work, prevent future problems from re-occurring, and save money for our clients.

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What is Integrated Maintenance?  Generally speaking, an Integrated Maintenance Program (IMP) provides for integrated processes that give managers control over the maintenance of all facility and collateral equipment from acquisition to disposal.  Further defined, it is a recurring state-of-the-art, reliability-centered inspection, testing, maintenance and minor repair program that determines best practices for managing the functions and consequences of failures of facilities equipment and system components. It encompasses various commercial practices into one optimal program.

Any IMP should provide the following:

  • Address all resources involved
  • Accommodate all methods of work accomplishment
  • Effectively interface and communicate with related and supporting systems ranging from work generation through performance and evaluation.
  • Support the customer’s mission.
  • Ensure communication with the customer.
  • Provide feedback information for analysis.
  • Reduce costs through effective maintenance planning
  • Provide a system for the accumulation of historical maintenance data.
  • Incorporate Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM), and Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) principles into CMMS data fields and work order processes to account for equipment criticalities.

The goal is to optimize the employment of resources (workforce, equipment, material, and funds) to maintain facilities and collateral equipment needed to support the mission in a safe and efficient manner. An effective maintenance management system maximizes the useful life of facilities and equipment; ensures the safety of facilities and systems; minimizes unplanned downtime; provides an improved work environment; and produces accurate, timely and reliable information for management decisions.


Mobile/Contract Maintenance Questions:

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