Roofing Quick Tips

Blisters on a flat roof mean maintenance is needed, but don’t step on the blisters or cut them open if they appear to be airtight. If they are airtight, the blister is not leaking.

Weeds growing on your roof? Don’t pull them up. The weeds’ root systems are penetrating at least a part of the roof and their removal could cause a leak. Call Lesco on this one.

Repairs to a built-up roof should involve roof mastic and at least three plies of membrane. Make a sandwich out of these two materials. Mastic alone will crack prematurely and negate the repair.

There are exceptions, but any material that pours out of a bucket should be considered a temporary repair for roof leaks.

Need a temporary fix for a single-ply roof membrane? Try duct tape until it can be repaired permanently.